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Disclaimer: I received a free Zwift RunPod to the Motigo Training Plan to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out

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If you are here, that is because you probably found my website through one of my social media links. That should be an indicator that I like to be connected to the world.

I do.

I also like to social aspect of sport. I also have a high opinion of my own opinion and chose this venue to share it.

…but onto shoe pods.

While running has the tendency (or propensity?) to be a solo-sport; there is a community aspect to it, much like any other sport. One of the things which made me jump on the opportunity with Zwift was the idea that i could be connected to other runners when I am doing my own thing.

Another part of training, especially in Pennsylvania, ESPECIALLY in the winter is logging miles on the tread-mill. Now, I’m not a treadmill guy. I love the outdoors and would rather run in all sorts of weather than on a treadmill. That’s not to say there isn’t GOOD training which happens on a treadmill…I just don’t benefit from it. Partially because its not easy to chat with the person next to you on a treadmill, but also because it feels confined and kind of…. i dunno like I’m a lab rat.

I received the pod in the mail and went instantly to work. I downloaded Zwift on my computer and the companion app on my phone.

I put the battery in and tried to ‘wake up’ my pod by vigorously shaking my pod back and forth. My family thought I was spazing out.

My computer couldn’t find the pod.

I tried the companion app on my phone and it didn’t seem to connect either.

I got the pod to power on (little green light)

I got the phone to find the pod (connected as a Bluetooth device.)

I couldn’t get the phone to connect to the computer.

I contacted customer service and they said to make sure my phone and computer were on the same network….done.

I even turned the mobile data off.

I went and bought an external Bluetooth receiver to bypass the phone all together and go straight to the computer.

The app would not recognize the pod. I could connect to other devices with my computer so it wasn’t the Bluetooth receiver.

My Experience

I looked like a fool with my laptop and my phone and my foot pod in the gym.

I spent 30 dollars on a new Bluetooth adapter for the computer.

It took me a week to trouble shoot and reach out to Zwift to ask for help.

I was really looking forward to the community aspect of running and the ability ot run through London or the fictional Zwift Island.

Sadly, I was not a fan.


Check out some of my fellow BibRave Pro’s and use their expereince to help you make a call on the footpod thing.

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