I recently read one of the run captains recount how a fellow runner was shame add a group run.

Now I don’t particularly agree with this because I feel like running is for everyone and regardless of what was truly said the fact that someone felt that they were not adequate to participate in the sport of ruddy as a member of our group really bothered me

Communication is not always intent but did is how the person receives what I say

That being said I was recently asked what is a good goal for a marathon yes you 10K speed is one hour

Goals are a tricky thing because you can mentally great something else at beat someone who is physically capable but not mentally prepare

Similarly you can be in peak physical condition and other variables are what holds you back such as whether or an illness or someone driving onto the course with a car

What I told the person who asked was the goal has to be achievable by the person and it has to be meaningful by the person I could never finish a marathon if I did not have a strong enough one

I give runners who spend for 5 or 6 hours completing a marathon a lot of credit because they have more mental grit than I do

I don’t think I would complete a marathon yet I knew it was going to take me 5 hours but there are people who do it and they celebrate pleading because the marathon distance road race is one of the great equalizers mother human condition

It helps satisfy our need to be greater than we thought we were before we started training

Is satisfies our need to conquer something and be a part of something at be deliberate about some

I see people working out in the gym using the resistance equipment playing on their phones and it strikes me that even know where working out we are not being deliberate we are not being gay and that’s when people give it up because it’s passive

Very few people just happen upon a marathon and do it most people are deliberate about it and put training it and it means something today

Did you read this far I’ve done something right and I hope that the next time you see someone running you smile and wait you Foster a community of welcoming and encourage

I hope the next time you’re feeling discourage while working out or running that someone takes the time to tell you that you’re doing great even if you don’t feel like you want even if you don’tEven if you know that you could do better that someone else nurtures your spirit add restores your belief in the system

Hopefully that’s what I do and hopefully I can be the example and hopefully you to be the example that others need to be successful

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