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I am really excited to incorporate these world-famous Isotonic Energy Gels into my training routine!

Part of what is nice about these gels is they are carefully designed to digest quickly and easily. I love them because they are not heavy or tough to eat!

I take these with me on the way to work and at races.

I have found that the consistency and the texture of these gels are easier on my stomach and gi tract than some of the better know ones.

Even my son likes science in sport

I’m writing this blog post in what feels to ridiculous heat wave…Now I don’t know if that’s because it’s just hot and I’m sensitive or if it really is a heat wave. I’m inclined to believe that because they canceled races like the New York City triathlon that the heat is overwhelming. I bring this up because these gels are amazing refrigerated and almost frozen.

The Apple is super refreshing and almost tastes like a jolly rancher… Can I say jolly ranchers the trademark thing?

PSA: what I am about to say may be viewed as TMI…I do feel; however, that the caffeinated gels move through me very quickly. I try to use those as sparingly as possible mainly because I want to benefit from the boom from the caffeine but also because I’ve had some issues in the past. Well I certainly needed to use the restroom after consuming.

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