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I was really looking forward to the Marathon in Montreal because it fell in line with my Chicago Marathon training plan. Sunday was supposed to be my longest run of the training cycle, and what better way to knock out a long run than by running a race.
Because this was a training run, I didnt go into this race thinking I was going to win or set a PR; but I wanted to keep a respectable pace.

Totally didn’t. It was another 4 hour marathon…that wasn’t because I was setting the 4 hour pace… I guess that’s par for the course in 2019. I’ve been dogging my goal races lately. I don’t want to entirely blame Rock n Roll for this one; although that was a factor. You see; the race was delayed and hour or so; which means fueling was off a bit. Whatever coffee and breakfast I had in me; well was left in line at the port-o-johns.

Anyway. I was happy to have run in a new country and I am proud to have completed the run. The people of Montreal were super supportive and really pleasant.

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Somewhere around mile 10 my nose started bleeding. 🤕 A bloody nkse is super odd. Sure I’ve had some blood in my nose because of constantly blowing my nose during a run; but never a full on nose bleed. Combined with the inadequate nutrition planning and just I guess how run down am in general this was a poor excuse for a run.

The other thing which shouldn’t have been a surprise but was still a let down was how boring the race was.

I tried really hard to enjoy where I was running; however, the half marathon would have been more enjoyable. The races split pretty late; maybe mile 6; and the next 10 were super plain. A lot of city marathons suffer this pitfall (I feel) of longer distances not being engaging.

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