Freedom worth running for

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Start line in Harper’s Ferry

I was really looking forward to this race depite it falling being the week before the Chicago Marathon! After the crap show Montreal turned out to be; I hoped this could be my longest run of the training cycle.
I didnt go into this race thinking I was going to win or set a PR; but I wanted to keep a respectable pace; seeing as how Montreal wound up being a walk fest

Totally nailed it.

As with a lot of races, I went into this one not expecting anything grand. In fact, I was totally expecting to feel like poop. I told the guy on the bus with me that I was feeling like a 4 hour marathon was in the cards for the day.

I feel that there were a lot of contributing factors to the “stunning recovery” from Montreal.
– The weather was spot on.
– I planned for the hour or so I would be waiting for the start of the race.
– The course, while flat in the first half, offered turns and some undulation which helped slow me down.
– I listened to my body and stopped to enjoy the scenery.

Yes, I know, I should always listen to my body. But let’s be real. Who does it every time!

Any way. This is a race review not a Bill review.

The race was fantastic. I really feel this is the most runner focused race I have been to in a while.

I was in Montreal two weeks ago and Berlin the week prior. Both are big events. What’s funny is the difference between expo and pre-race experiences. The expo in Berlin felt more like a convention than a race expo where as Montreal was hyped to be a big deal, but I was left wanting more.

In contrast Freedoms Run was the perfect size. There was bib pickup; a vendor for essentials and then a few local places representing.

The start line was low key. They had music and warm restrooms. They also had enough port-o-johns to accommodate everyone! Bag check was super easy. All in all it was a positive pre-race experience; especially considering Montreal had over an hour delay and Berlin has 40,000+ people.

The positive pre-race experience was followed by a positive on course experience. My only critique would be a second Port-o-John at mile 7 and or 9. I didn’t see one coming through the aid station at 4 and when we passed 7 there was already a line. Similarly mile 9 there was one off course which I couldn’t get to by the time I realized it was there.

Anyway. I think what I liked most about this race was (were?) the battle fields. The race director and the park rangers did a really fantastic job of providing a scenic journey through history for us.

Photo courtesy of Paul Encarnacion

As you can see above, there were no shortage of hills during the later part of the race…Let’s not call it a race. Sure there were prizes for the first people, and sure there were people looking to beat their previous times, but I would feel more comfortable calling this a running event. This was a running event, put on for the enjoyment of the participants and the community more than a race.

This is one of the few events I would come back and participate in the whole thing. I’ve said that other events i would come back and do the half or the 10K, but this was a completely enjoyable experience.

My buddy Ken also wrote a review of the race; check it out below!

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