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For as long as my daughter has been able to speak, she has wanted 1 thing. To go to Paris. She can’t explain why that’s where she wants to go, but if I gave her carte blanc…that’s where she would choose.

Now, I can’t really fault her. I elected to go to Paris and London on a school trip when I was in High School. I didn’t really want to go to Paris, more so London, but we were able to visit the Normandy Beaches and the American Cemetery. I was never really a fan of the French. I know that’s a little narrow minded, but I wasn’t. It wasn’t that I had anything negative to say about French people, but I was a kid and I only had the influences of the adults around me to go off of. I would have loved to go to Spain, because I was learning Spanish, and I had always had an affinity to learning German…but at the time, I just wasn’t into anything French…

Image result for the american cemetery in normandy france

I loved the trip. Even though I didn’t come out of my trip a purveyor of Parisian culture; I am glad I went because the experience was invaluable. Obviously the history and the sights were amazing, but there was a new found respect for France, Paris in particular.

My younger self would have scoffed at the fact that my school mates an I were marveling at a giant bronze thumb

Le Pouce, by César Baldaccini

And, while that was not the highlight of my Paris trip, that was one of the interesting stops for my school mates and I.

I think if blogging or facebook were a thing back then, I would have written something about it then. But alas, I’m ancient, and I only have negatives and 4×6’s in an album to remind me of the time.

I’ve been all over with this explanation of my trip, but I think what stands out about being in Paris was the serenity… I know. How could Paris be serene? But it was.

Specifically, there was a calm under the Eiffel Tower. I don’t know why. There were people everywhere, but for some reason, when I think of calm, I think of under the Eiffel Tower.

Much like life, I was proven incorrect in my youthful assertion that going to Paris was the ‘meh’ part of a cool trip to London.
I am entering the Paris Marathon Sweepstakes in hopes that I can take my daughter since she WANTS to go. I would love for her to have a similar appreciation for the wonder that is Paris and maybe that can be a bond which keeps us strong.

Traveling the world has afforded me a unique perspective which I can only assume a handful of people can appreciate. This perspective is what I would like to share with my daughter. Winning this trip would be a really cool way to have her start building that perspective.

I also want to run the marathon there….

The sweepstakes includes a marathon entry =) just saying…

But really, there is only so much a tour guide can do for you. I didn’t find my quite spot under the Eiffel Tower because of a tour guide. But by exploring the city on foot.

You should enter too, even though it may lessen my chance of winning. And, you’ll be flying chafe-free courtesy of Runderwear!


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