Exploring the Napa Valley Marathon

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As many of you may know, I like to incorporate running when I travel for work. I frequently use the hashtag #haverunwilltravel because I also find myself traversing the east coast for new running experiences.

Over the last three years, my work travels have brought me to (or through) California; which is really nice because you west coast people have some really great running events. One of the events which caught my eye has been the Napa Valley Marathon

Sadly, my work trips never really coincided with the event date; but part of looking for races where I am going to be, is also looking through the website and social media. Sometimes sponsors are prominently displayed, sometimes they are nestled at the bottom and scroll by. Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t go to the race website to see a sponsor; but rather, I look for races within reasonable proximity to where I will be, then the dates, then while I am looking at travel information I will occasionally look at sponsors. It is in this space where I found that Raley’s Supermarkets is a PROUD SPONSOR of the Napa Valley Marathon.

Here is the cool part about a supermarket sponsoring a marathon…for me at least…it gives me a local place to shop and spend money

I travel for races and I don’t want to eat out every night. Depending on where I am in the world; eating out may not fit into my current regimen. I may be trying to have my body in ketosis, or I may be experimenting with a plant based nutrition plan…or heck; I may just want some fresh fruit. Here is what I found while looking at Raley’s…they offer a Shelf Guide.

When you are there, look for the above icons in-store on product price tags. They explain choices from Gluten Free and Ketogenic to Plant based and Non-Dairy, the Shelf Guide makes it easy to find products that meet my dietary needs.

I promise you this is not just blog fodder. When I ran the Rock n Roll Montreal Marathon, I actually needed a grocery store! And if one sponsored the race; guess where I would have shopped…

Our hotel room had a kitchenette and I wanted to have a nice dinner for my wife and I. A nice dinner at a restaurant is expensive and my wife wasn’t feeling well so staying in was the best option. Had there been a grocery store sponsoring the marathon; hands down I would have gone there; but as it stood I used google maps to see what was around. I found a store, made a meal, ran the race….

But you are not here for THAT story.

Raley’s looks like a really fun place to shop. I am interested to see some of their offerings because they also offer a recipe section!

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