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When you can’t run… you can make puppets…..

First, I have a problem with socks…in so much as…I have too many. I use them, which makes them a practical investment. But…I have more than the average user; which is why I jumped on the opportunity to try these Nabee Socks.

On first impression these are just like any other compression sock. I was surprised to see the sock is not optimized for the left and right foot. Some socks are left and right foot specific because of additional support features that they have. With my other running socks which have left and right designation; I have felt that there is a change in the shape of the socks, for example wearing a newly bought sock on the right leg, the leftmost part of the sock stretched more than the rightmost part of the sock. I feel that this is why these socks regularly feel more comfortable (the legacy of wearing a particular sock in a particular leg…

Upon closer inspection…despite not having a right left designation…nabee is actually a much better sock. I think on a personal level (wiifm) they are suuuper soft! And not just out of the package soft! I’m talking about downy soft a month after washing and wearing them. I have another pair of socks which I love; but they are a little crusty after wearing them and washing them sorry….TMI?)

Also; aaaand this is a simple thing, the instructions were included which helped me put the socks on without stretching or tearing them.

Now… laugh all you want. I did, in fact, tear a hole in a pair of expensive running socks! This really upset me because they were expensive. And I don’t feel like they worked as well as they did on day one.

The versatility of Nabee can be true for other brands; but at the end of the day; when you’re dropping a cool mint on socks for running performance…you don’t want to wear them out walking around the office (I don’t…maybe you do.) I am okay with wearing my Nabee socks because they don’t break the bank.

Compression socks are very important, helpful, beneficial and therapeutic for athletes. But also for someone just standing all day! Compression is so important for blood flow that many athletes are wearing socks or sleeves before activity and after activity for recovery as well.

I am sold on Nabee as a brand. I really like the ‘cut of their jib’

I really feel like it’s a brand that I can identify with. They started from a place of caring and haven’t lost those roots. They give back to the community; not just the running community; but the greater community

Check out Jeremy’s blog on the same subject


And use this discount to save on your pair: Bibrave20

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