Solomon Sonic 2 Accelerate Review

These are the first shoe I’ve purchased since being an adidas Runtastic Ambassador.

I should say, these are the first non-adidas family shoes I’ve purchased in three years.

Part of my contract with adidas was that I couldn’t have my picture taken socially in non-adidas family shoes. Which means Reebok was fair game, but brands like Nike, Puma, Brooks, etc. were off the table. That doesn’t mean I don’t own shoes made by other manufacturers; but I wasn’t able to wear them in public.

In any event; onto the the shoes.

Over the years I’ve come to appreciate the primeknit feel of my Adidas shoes. The Salomon Sonic 3 uses an engineered mesh which is a unique mesh structure that varies the weave to offer more support and durability or flexibility and breathability, according to the specific needs in different parts of the shoe. During my initial run the shoes; the Salomons were easy on the feet and flexed with the movement of my feet.

The Sonic 3 is light and fast; like my Salming Distance and my Boston 6. Salomon uses Optivibe, a unique combination of foams (one to dampen, the other to propel), helps reduce vibration on foot strike to decrease fatigue without affecting your overall ride. Similar to the boost foam in my adidas shoes; the sonic 3 were easy, responsive and comfortable.

They were also super light. Similar to my Salming Distance, the Sonic 3 is light. The seamless Featherlight Collar is soft, comfortable and minimalist without sacrificing fit.

For comparison the weight on my Salming was 8.1 oz and the drop is 5mm; Salomon is 8.2 and 6mm drop (super similar) and the Boston 6 is 8.5 oz and 10mm drop.

On the left is my first run in the Sonic 3 and on the right it’s my normal run in my normal shoes on a normal day. Without trying, these shoes are fast out of the gate.

I felt I could have gone longer; which is nice considering this was the first run in the shoes.

I like to give shoes 75 miles or so until I pass judgment. But out of the box these shoes are easy to wear and easy to put miles on.

These shoes are designed for running and are not a lifestyle shoe. Which means like my Salming shoes; I wont be able (or likely) to wear these shoes after the miles have been run (or instead of like my alphabounce.)

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