#SiSBR – Hydro Edition

Disclaimer: I received SIS Go-Hydro effervescent tablets to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find, and write race reviews!

I am most definitely a fan of trying new things. Especially when it is running related. One of the few things there is no shortage of is effervescent tablets to enhance your water.
When I started running i was somewhat of a purist. My thought process was simple…water should be enough.
I don’t generally use a pre-workout either, for what it’s worth; but I was always fascinated by the ubiquity of the “-ade” sports drinks whenever I would run a race.

After looking into and experimenting withe different types of powders, gels, mixes, and RTD’s (ready to drink) I have learned a few things. If you’re just drinking water, you’re not replacing components your body needs to perform.

A little science for those of you still with me. Have you ever been running, or working out…or heck; even mowing the laws and the shirt you’re wearing as that odd white residue around your sweat stain? Sweat isn’t just water; it’s made up of electrolytes, especially sodium, which makes up about 90% of the electrolytes you lose in sweat. Of the electrolytes you lose in sweat, sodium plays the most important role in helping your body perform…that’s right folks, you are actually the rim of a Margarita glass!

Here’s the kicker though. Say you stick to plain water. If you continue to drink water even after you satiate your thirst, you run the risk of diluting your blood’s sodium concentration resulting in a situation called hyponatremia, where the body holds onto too much water and dilutes the amount of sodium in the blood. Symptoms include nausea, headache, confusion, and fatigue. Translation: you’ll feel like complete crap.

Now, onto the fun part!

I have a solution for those of you who do not want to spend time mixing powders before you run / walk / bike (whatever.) Trust me, I have tried the powders and while some are great…I need to remember to make the drink ahead of time. Forget trying to mix a powder with sweaty hands. You’ll look like a gummy bear. The SIS Go-Hydro effervescent tablets are a great way to bypass the pre-run mixing and; literally actually….stay hydrated on the go…

I keep a tube a work and a tube in my car and for the past month a tube in my back pack (it’s been 90 + degrees on my bike rides to work.) Theses are simply fantastic because they dissolve quickly and you can have a flavorful drink on the ready!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably also done some homework. I have used hydration tabs which leave a funny film in the cup, or never fully dissolve. I haven’t had that problem with SIS Go-Hydro effervescent tablets yet.

The other cool thing, is these tabs are also pretty effective in other liquids also…

Courtesy of Angie

Head over to Science in Sport and use code Bibrave20 for 20% off your hydration tabs!

Science in Sport is a leading sports nutrition company that develops, manufactures and markets sports nutrition products for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts. If you’ve run a Rock ‘n’ Roll Race… before 2020 was cancelled, you would have seen SIS on course. Its the same brand trusted by Olympians…and me.

And my fellow BPR’s

Stephanie Boyd

Angie Maske-Berka

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