How To Use Tim Tam For Pain

Disclaimer: I receive a commission if you follow one of the links to the Tim Tam Website and place an order.

From excruciating nerve pain resulting from injury to everyday tension and muscle knots, Tim Tam is a proven pain reliever.

Percussive therapy or percussive massage is a breakthrough treatment to alleviate soft tissue pain, heal injury, speed recovery, enhance athletic performance and get an amazing night’s sleep using a powerful massage gun that produces a rapid, pounding force in short duration pulses which penetrate deep into the tissues of your body…

It’s not the same as vibration. With vibration, the frequency is really high or the product never comes off the body, so it makes the area numb and it becomes less effective. Sometimes it can become noxious to the nervous system.

In percussive therapy, your body never adjusts to the combination of the frequency and depth of force being used. Since the body never accommodates it, it stays effective for pain relief the whole time. The amplitude and frequency have to be matched so the body recognizes the relief.

Massage guns have been shown to produced immediate analgesic effects and reduce pain in pain and knot studies done on pain trigger points!

The PowerMassager Pro is the most powerful device on the market with a heated tip, and an almost silent sound profile.

The PowerMassager Pro is taking modern recovery to the next level with new features and technology.

  • Ultra quiet: 10 db operation at its lowest speed
  • 5 pre-programmed settings including; Warm Up, Recovery with Neck & Lumbar specifically designed to combat pain in these areas. 
  • 3 Deep Tissue speed settings: 1000, 2000 and 2800 strokes per minute 
  • Skin temperature sensor to help identify the optimum muscle temperature for performance in degrees F’
  • 175-degree rotational head for easy one-handed use
  • One hour battery life
  • Anti-microbial surfaces and plastics 
Power Massager Pro

What Are The Benefits?

  • It helps to break down internal scar tissue and adhesions
  • Provides improved circulation in the veins and lymphatic system
  • Enhances flexibility and increases range of motion when used in combination with gentle stretching
  • Provides highly effective and immediate pain relief
    • Relaxes your parasympathetic nervous system which aids in recovery and sleep.
  • Use pre-workout to get your fluids flowing and muscles lubricated
  • Use during training to zap and recharge exhausted muscles
  • Helps speed healing of the injury
  • Feels amazing!

now, onto the main attraction…

How to use your Tim Tam for treating pain.

Pain Protocol: To treat serious pain, start somewhere else on your body to get your endorphins flowing and put your body into a relaxed state. You want your skin signals to override your nerve signals. Then change your attachment to a damper or ball attachment and apply pressure based on your tolerance to the muscles associated with the affected joint. Spend thirty seconds on each, then switch the attachment to a super soft one and apply pressure to your tolerance. Repeat twice a day.

After Training

Treat each individual muscle in a muscle group by floating the head over the area slowly. Now you’re looking for a calming effect. You’re still increasing the blood flow, but the process is smoother because you’re not amping up the sympathetic nervous system, instead, you’re triggering the parasympathetic system to go into recovery mode. Be sure to still do your dynamic stretches; percussive therapy is used as a compliment to stretching, not in place of it.

Protocol: Hit each muscle group for at least two minutes to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. It’s “rest and digest” time.

Tim Tam is the first sports recovery device that I actually have to fight my family to get back. My wife likes it use it to help her shoulders and my kids just like taking it because is looks cool. Pick one up today Here and surprise that loved one in your life…or just get one for yourself

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