Race ready during covid winter

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Personally, I am tired of the constant barrage of information surrounding COVID-19 and how I should respond. Perhaps I should be more engaged or pay more attention; but there is so much information floating around… I will just look for it when I want it.

I’m not going to rant about how covid has disrupted my life; because I am in the minority of people who have been largely unaffected. As a matter of fact, I have been working more hours since the onset.

I have also been recently promoted; which is nice. More money is not always a bad thing. Sadly; with the promotion comes a change in the hours I’m working. I have gone from working daylight hours to working overnight.

One could surmise that working over night would be great for running…and maybe it is. But I personally struggle with running at 3am when I get out of work.

Coronavirus hasn’t stopped my running though. The Coronavirus spreads through respiratory droplets (spit?) What does that mean for a runner? Try to avoid pit stops as best you can and avoid public drinking fountains. Thankfully I carry water on longer runs because there aren’t a ton of public water fountains in my geographic area.

The CDC recommends that all frequently-touched surfaces be washed regularly and because you don’t know for sure if or when a port-o-john has been washed (if ever…), it’s best to err on the side of caution and avoid them. Again; lowmimpact for me. But a pack of sanitary wipes or travel clorox wipes are good for just such occasions.

This is a pet peeve of mine; less so for runners and more so for people just doing it…spitting. If you expectorate while running; you may want to reconsider running with friends. Not running with people hasn’t impacted my getting out in the road; but Re: The Coronavirus can spread through respiratory droplets,…as a preventative measure, try not to spit (as gross as that sounds) especially around other people.

All that being said, my training has been somewhat abysmal. Again; not covid related…just life related.

As mentioned, since I have started working nights getting out in the AM is really tough. I also had some issues with my transportation. The entire month of June I used my bicycle to get to and from work. I logged over 300 miles on my bike, but that killed me.

My strategy for Bahamas has become, take it easy. I have a few months to seriously put the miles in, but this is going to turn into a struggle fest.

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