Whelp it went virtual

This year has been unlike anything we have ever experienced. Before I complain; I sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and staying positive, active and hopeful during these challenging times.

The Mararhon Bahamas team recently reported that after ongoing consideration and guidance from local and national health authorities brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, the 2021 event will be transitioning to a virtual race….

To say that I am experiencing a level of disappointment is an understatment. While I don’t want to put anyone in jeopardy; I was really looking forward to a #runcation and the support that we as a running community provide while running together in person.

I have officiated races in the past and I can not fathom the unique circumstances of hosting a destination race under the current environment; it was difficult enough to get the permits for a 100 person race in the middle of Pennsylvania!

In these globally challenging circumstances surrounding Covid-19 I wish I were more understanding. What I am excited about though; is the virtual component of the race.

The code “”MB21VIRTUAL” is the discount code for the virtual event. Anyone who was joining me; You are encouraged to register/participate in the 2021 virtual event and complete your preferred distance from home, a local running track or favorite running route. And, to add to the excitement, the event participation completion dates will be extended from Saturday, January 9 to Sunday, January 17!

I’m going to chart out a looped course here in the Lehigh Valley for anyone who wants to join me a d represent a great race! Who benefits The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, Sister Sister Breast Cancer Support Group, The Cancer Society of The Bahamas, The Cancer Society of The Bahamas Grand Bahama

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