How did Rego Go?

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If you are here for the discount, REGO20BIBRAVE for 20% off. Otherwise here’s what I think of SiS Rego!

To start; I am notoriously inconsistent with post run consumption of nutrition. I probably have four or five different jars of BCAA’s in my cabinet. I know that I need to have something after a long run or intense workout; the most well-known benefit of protein consumption is muscle strength.

Protein is “the building block of muscle” and is responsible for maintaining muscle mass. But; I am typically needed for something post run, whether its work, or dinner, or more work, or laundry… (you get the idea.)

2020 has been a whirlwind of a year, but my schedule hasn’t cleared up a bit. That’s why I was interested in testing the Rego, by Science in Sport. Its easy to mix and I don’t have to use a blender or milk! Protein consumption plays a crucial role in helping to repair injuries to the body; and I’ve been dealing with some hip stuff lately… The sooner you get protein to your muscles after you exercise, the faster your muscles will recover so that you can get back after it again.  

What made a world of difference with the SIS is:
1. Easy to use.

2. It stays well if made ahead of time.

3. Kill Cravings!Protein contributes to that feeling of being full which helps you kill cravings and control your appetite. Half the battle when avoiding junk foods is monitoring your hunger. When you eat a high protein diet, you’ll feel full while consuming less calories. So you don’t need to eat all the cake after a run (though the strawberry reminds me of a diner milkshake….)

I think one of the things I liked the most about trying the about trying SiS Rego was the metabolism boost. There’s something called the thermal effect of food that refers to the calories your body burns while digesting food. When you eat protein, your body burns more calories during digestion than when you eat carbs or fats. That means you could burn anywhere from 80 to 250 more calories per day eating a high protein diet!

I recommend this to anyone looking for a tasty, easy to use, post run recovery drink. Sometimes I mix mine with coffee….

Read what other pro’s have to say about SiS Rego!:

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