2020 Races

I am a huge fan of running in new places Check out my schedule and see if there is a place you want to run with me.
Events where I am pacing will have a Beast Pacing Icon / link next to them.
Events I am promoting will have a discount code / link beneath them.

Whelp, 2020 turned out to be a bit of a bust, huh folks?.

Current Virtual Race Schedule

Run For The Zoo (Uploads Accepted though 7 June 2020)
“BIBRAVE10” – 10% off


4 July 2020 Peach Tree Road Race, Atlanta, Ga.


13 September 2020 Via Marathing, Lehigh Valley (Allentown, Pa.)

I didn’t get a chance to thank Bill Brent for his fine pace bunny effort for the first 14 or 15 miles that I and a friend ran with him today at the Erie Marathon. He was the 4:10 pace bunny and my goal was to finish in 4:07, so we gradually edged ahead from that point on. I finished in 4:06:21, and I doubt it would’ve been possible without his help, and his singing ability, so please thank him for me.

Bill Haust

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