The toughest social decisions I’ve ever had to make

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Its about to get deep..

Don’t get me wrong, trying out running gear is not a hard decision. When I agreed to try the Run Mitts I was excited about the product and I was excited about the features (like the pocket for heat packs.) I was even more excited that the company is an East Coast (Maryland) small business! It excited me that another runner, Susan Clayton, invented and patented WhitePaws RunMitts, mittens that keep fingers and thumbs together so hands stay warm. I, like many of my athlete friends, entertain the thought of launching our own running-related business (I kind of want to open a shoe store which sells reasonably priced older model year shoes…think when the Ultraboost 21 drops, I can sell the UB19 at an affordable price…) Something I had never considered was the person who started the company (or that the company was run by someone who) doesn’t look like me…

Maybe I am unique in that I don’t focus on what makes me different from another person…

WhitePaws was founded by a black woman, and it never crossed my mind that was a big deal.  But it is. And I don’t know how to navigate that; and that is why this post and promotional campaign is hard. I don’t know how to navigate promoting a business based off who the businesses were founded by; but as we continue to peel back the onion which is social inequity, it is more and more apparent to me that my outward vocal support is helpful. I can’t promise that every purchase I make will be as forward thinking as I am sounding right now, but I think as consumers, we can all drive a little more progress and embrace the future.

I feel really awkward telling my social following that a business is Black-owned because I have never made a big deal about it in the past. I also think the awkwardness stems from my perceived lack of authority to speak on the problems faced by the black community. Although I feel the term is over used, I am privileged in that respect. The difference now is, my voice in the matter can help whatever social following I have support one another and make an informed and conscious effort to help people who can be marginalized because of their age, gender, race or color of their skin. A friend said to me I can purchase a book written by a black author, buy it from a Black owned retailer; and then tell others to purchase and read the book too. That statement made me realize that this is no different.

I am not an economist,  or even a social activist. But logically, if I support more Black-owned companies, I can help create more opportunities for meaningful savings, property ownership, credit building, and generational wealth for black communities.

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