Postponed not canceled

Oh man, covid strikes again… or did it ever stop?

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The @demarathon has received an interim decision from the city of Wilmington that their permit application for this year’s Delaware Running Festival unfortunately has been denied. Local authorities have pledged to continue to monitor key COVID metrics and allow #demarabr to run live if changes to those metrics allow then safely to host the event on April 24-25.

I remain hopeful as local conditions improve that their application and proposed mitigation steps will be reconsidered for hosting a live event April 24-25.

Tim and Jess welcomed an old friend and a new expert to The BibRave Podcast! Mark Colpoys, Senior Race Director/VP Event Production at EnMotive/Ventures Endurance, joins the show to share his take on racing during COVID and beyond. 

You can still use discount code “DELAWARERAVE21” good for 10% off

Race officials are saying that if the event does occur on April 24-25 race logistics will be modified to fit state health regulations. The race has committed to continue to communicate with state health regulators and await their future guidance.

The race director understands participants need to plan and finalize their travel in advance for various reasons. If they are not permitted to run on April 24-25, they will plan to run the race live on a date (TBA) in late May or early June. The final decision about hosting a live running festival will be announced no later than April 1.

Check out this link to see your options!

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