To be or not to be…vaccination story

There are so many opinions on getting vaccinated.

I’m not looking for praise or condemnation, but rather somone else may benefit from my inner turmoil turned blog.

Fact: I am the sole “bread winner” in my household. My wife has a chronic illness and can not work, but still provides support for our children whom are confined to home since schools are open intermittently. (Shameless plug for the strength my wife puts into the world.)

Fact: If I contract COVID-19, and something happens, they will be without a stream of income, my wife without a partner, my children without a father.

Educated hypothesis: Vaccination seems like a viable option.

Speculation: What if I have a reaction to the vaccine or if I shed the virus at home. Am I being a less responsible parent by opening that door?

Speculation: 20 years will I be watching a commercial about class action lawsuits similar to those regarding asbestos and mesothelioma….

Mesothelioma Ad Copypasta | Know Your Meme

I am a relatively healthy individual. I take my vitamins and I stay active. I pay attention to what I eat and incorporate fresh fruit and vegetables as often as possible (for what that’s worth…) As far as I know, I have not had Covid in the year we have been in quarantine. I have missed one day of work as a precaution (I didn’t feel great but I think that was my body’s reaction to a shift change), and one week as a response to having been potentially in contact with someone who tested positive.

Otherwise I have been “in the office” ever since.

Speculation: If I get the vaccine, am I being a sheep? Am I being part of a larger experiment? Will I be ridiculed by my friends, family or co-workers?

So now you know my situation…

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate… that is the question.

What am I contributing to if I do or don’t. (Listen to this really great interview on medical testing not related to covid)

Which vaccine should I get. Noone asks which flu vaccine they are getting every fall.. but that was was huge topic when investigating the covid shot.

I was able to get the Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

There were no eggs or latex…they put those in vaccines???

The Pfizer shot is a messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine that has both synthetic, or chemically produced, components and enzymatically produced components from naturally occurring substances such as proteins. This vaccine does not contain any live virus. Its inactive ingredients include potassium chloride, monobasic potassium, phosphate, sodium chloride, dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate, and sucrose, as well as small amounts of other ingredients.

But the vaccine does notnpromise prevention against covid…

Isn’t that the purpose…

In the end, I received my first of 2 shots.

My arm hurts. I’ve been tired most of the day. Not running a fever but I’m warm… no worse for the wear…

My logic…

  1. I am healthy (currently) and if I have a mild reaction today, but that saves me months of being ill later, it’s the right move for my family.
  2. I travel for work and running. If I am less likely to be out of commission because I am “vaccinated”, it’s the right move for my family.
  3. If I haven’t brought home the virus yet (because of work or grocery shopping) I am either operating on borrowed time (and the vaccine will extend that time) or extremely lucky. Either way I pray to God that this will help me maintain my good fortune.

I can’t tell you to get this vaccine or not.

30 March 2021 update

1st shot was done with no “reaction”

I was a little tired and some, but no worse for the wear.

As far as the process, I was in and out in about 19 minutes. It actually took me longer to find the vaccine site than it did to get my shot.

I wanted to wait before updating because initially I was fine, bit I didn’t want to jinx it.

Even though I am vaccinated I am still on the fence… I did what I thought I should for my family. But everyone around my thinks this is the silver bullet for ending the pandemic.

I will update you on my second shot shortly.

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