A virtual run experience

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I love running; there is no disputing that.

And I really appreciate, enjoy, and miss the #IRL racing experience. Virtual races have been okay. I’ve participated in a few, and for the most part, the events I have participated in had done an okay job.

Event organizers trying to exist in the virtual running space have started to incorporate music and cheering with different apps. I’ve been able to explore new and different sections of my town trying to complete different virtual race distances, but…I’m still paying for an event to mail me a medal and a T-shirt for running in my neighborhood.

When I heard about the #RunToEscapeBR I was really intrigued…I didn’t want another virtual race, but Run to Escape: Mission Mt. Olympus, presented by Runkeeper™, is a first-of-its-kind, virtual experience.

An expereince?

What does that mean?

Run to Escape: Mission Mt. Olympus mixes running with clues and codes, reminiscent of the escape room experience. Personally, I was seeking a more immersive, fulfilling virtual experience. Not just a race, but engage with me differently!

The mission in this Escape room type experience is Atalanta (The goddess of running) is on a quest to become the 13th member of the Pantheon of the gods, and she needs YOU (a mortal) to help her successfully reach the top!

So for my registration dollars, I’m getting 6 runs, and after each I get an interactive game to play to earn my next run….

That’s so cool.

And I can do it on my time…so if a puzzle is particularly hard, I can take my time figuring it out…

#JoinMe2021 as I try something new with a puzzle run.

Who knows… it may revolutionize the #virtual #running space..


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