Delaware Festival of Running

Disclaimer: I received an entry to the Delaware Marathon to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I am kind of glad that I didn’t go all the way to Delaware for the marathon. I *attempted* my run virtually in Gettysburg with Joe, a fellow Bibrave Pro.

Wilmington officials were not ready to grant permission to the race director for an in person event, so I elected to run the distance virtually.

I felt good leading up to the race. I had run 27 miles in January, and focused on speed and intervals since.

I had even incorporated swimming and I went to the gym!

But I wasn’t so festive on this run.

In 2019 I ran the Vermont City Marathon and half way through I though I was going to die.

My left hip felt as if it were going to fall out of my body. I’ve felt aches and pains in the past, but this was different. I have had nerve pain (shingles) and this bordered on that level of pain, but it wasn’t nerve pain.

I never had my hip looked by a doctor at because it wasn’t a problem they could fix…I didn’t feel anything tear or snap… just pain. Muscular pain. Overuse pain.

After the Vermont Marathon I could still run, jump, swim, walk…the pain was caused by over use.  MY fault. lesson learned.

That was my first real running injury since reigniting my running passion in 2014. Leading up to 2019, I had typically been good at incorporating cross training into my routine.  I was very engaged with HIIT style workouts, I rode my bike, I participated in squat challenges… but between 2018 and my 2019 injury, I only focused on running.

I thought I fixed that.

I didn’t….

Anyway.  I started strong.  I tried to pace myself. I hung with different groups of runners. But that pesky hip pain started creeping back up again. It would go away and come back through the run.

I felt fine breathing and I felt like I had energy. I kept my heart rate pretty steady. I even contemplated just hanging in there and seeing how it would pan out. But then I felt some pain in my left knee.

I was over compensating on my right side for my left side…

Mix that alarm with the wardrobe malfunctions I was experiencing and the pain in my left arm from my covid shot… I called it a day.

I could barely move my left arm where I receive my shot. That was my only side effect so I shouldn’t complain…but I was having a day…

BUT you wanted to hear about the Delaware Running Festival… not me complaining about my aching body.

The 2021 Delaware Running Festival is still scheduled to be a live race BUT they also had a virtual component! Since the Live event was moved to a day I had already booked an engagement; I opted for the virtual run.

If you ran virtually with me, you can submit your results here

The effort the event organizers made to make this event socially engaging from far away was spectacular.

They provided a really amazing photo upload tool and contests throughout the day to engage with the virtual runners.

To help prepare for race day:

  • I was able to download my bib on Run Sign Up
  • I downloaded RaceJoy  to get the complete race day experience!

If you registered to run virtually by April 11th, your gear would have been sent to you before April 25th. If you signed up after the April 11th date, you will receive your gear in June like me.

The race directors communicated often leading up to the event.

They are very engaged on social and constantly provided information on Instagram and Facebook

How to Run virtually:

The race directors encouraged everyone to complete their race on April 25th for a true race day feel. However, its a virtual race so free to do your race ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

I am a Garmin user, but the race allows you to use whatever timing and distance tracking method/app that is most convenient. I’m not sure how the result work since I wasn’t required to submit my time, however if II have until June 14th if I want my time posted online.

I would recommend this event to anyone looking to explore Delaware even though I didn’t get to this year. I feel the race pivoted well and was engaging, rather than some races where you get your medal and your bib in the mail with no follow up or follow through.

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