The most fun I’ve had on a run in a while

That’s a bold statement considering I enjoy running as a past-time.

Disclaimer: I received an entry to Run To Escape: MIssion Mt. Olympus to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

Run to Escape is a first-of-its-kind, virtual experience that combines running with the clues, codes, and explosive popularity of escape rooms. For those seeking a more immersive, fulfilling virtual experience, Run to Escape is an addictive blend of motivation, dopamine, entertainment, and endorphins.

Here’s the basic overview: Your Run To Escape: Mission Mt. Olympus registration includes 5+ Puzzle Challenges and 5+ Run Experiences. You will receive your first puzzle in your registration confirmation email. Solve this puzzle to figure out how far you need to run – using the Runkeeper App – to get the audio clues needed to solve the next puzzle. And so on!

2021 RTE - Atalanta.png

Now for the technical details: After you register, you will be sent a confirmation email that includes your first Run to Escape puzzle. You must solve this puzzle in order to learn the race distance for your first run challenge. When you are ready to run, you must download the Runkeeper App and use it to track your mileage. You will receive audio clues during the run – via the Runkeeper App – and you will need those clues to solve the next puzzle! Once you return from your run and upload your run data to Runkeeper, click the link in your “⚡️Challenge of [God Name]⚡️ Connect to Runkeeper” email to continue on and view your post-run puzzle.

The creators of RTE are runners, but they are also people. They want you to love this virtual experience, but if you don’t, they don’t want there to be any sour grapes. If you don’t love your Run to Escape: Mission Mt. OIympus experience, they’ve set up a simple and easy refund policy. Just email with the word “Refund” in the subject line and they’ll process your refund right away (minus the credit card company processing fee which, because they’re a credit card company, they won’t waive 😒). To be eligible for their flexible refund policy you must have completed at least two of the Run to Escape Challenges (using the Hermes’ Hints to complete your two challenges is totally fine!). That’s it!

Admittedly, the first puzzle I didn’t quite get, but once I figured out the pattern of what was being looked for and what the pattern was, the remainder were straight forward and ‘easy.’

I think the most difficult part was remembering to attach the event to my runkeeper app.

Don’t get me wrong; it wasn’t hard. Especially in this age of ‘virtual racing’, running with an app and ensuring starting the event was super easy. I just had to pay attention to the audio ques toggle.

What made this a no-brainer for me was my ‘admission’ to 6 events of varying distances, a goal, a way to engage with other runners and something fun that I haven’t done in the past.

Another neat thing about this experience is that there was no swag. What? No Swag????
Don’t worry. You actually get really good discounts on things you want to buy, rather than something that will sit in a drawer or be donated in a year after not being worn. I think there are 3 shirts I actually wear from races / events, I also don’t think I’ve registered for a race because of the swag (maybe the medal…) There are no physical medals for this event, but in the digital age, you get a digital medal also prizes raffled off by the sponsors; so yeah. Just do it.

Check out the Launch Podcast for the Run To Escape: Mission Mt. Olympus

I suggest you do it.

Check out what some other Pro’s think!





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