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Not all sunscreens are made the same! There are two types of sunscreens that have different ingredients and ways to protect our skin from the sun; chemical and mineral.

Team Bibrave dove into this topic with Dr. Kelly Griffith-Bauer, MD – a Board Certified Dermatologist and Mohs surgeon! They discussed everything related to skin such as various skin types, different types of sunblock, best practices for care and protection (especially for runners), and the consequences of neglecting sun protection. 

Having children has changed my perspective on sunscreens. Prior to being a father, I just used whatever was on the shelf at my local grocery store. But as I try to get better at this parenting thing, I read why spray on sunscreen isn’t good and ultimately why chemical sunscreen isn’t good.
And not just for kids, but for me too!

I’ve tried various types of mineral based sunblock and they have all been a little… annoying to use. It felt as though the convenience of chemical sunscreen (and ease of use…) almost outweighed the benefits of using something mineral based.

A real quick overview of why I started looking for mineral based sun screens:

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) recommends avoiding active ingredients like oxybenzone, a commonly used ingredient found in many chemical sunscreens. There are concerns that this ingredient may disrupt hormones, cause allergic skin reactions, and absorb into the bloodstream.

The only FDA-approved sunscreen ingredients deemed safe are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, both of which are found in mineral sunscreens.

Mineral sunscreens reflect UV rays away from the skin as opposed to being absorbed through the skin and may potentially disrupt hormones and agitate (or cause) allergic reactions!

Overall, a mineral based sunscreen wins when compared side by side with its chemical counterpart. The mineral based protection also works instantly, where a chemical sunscreen takes about 20 minutes to absorb into the skin!

Quick Review of the products I used:

Before Tanri, my mineral based sunscreen experience was gritty and pasty and not enjoyable. Thankfully Tanri goes on smooth, and doesn’t feel like I’m rubbing sand on my skin. I think my favorite product is the daily moisturizer. I don’t spend a ton of time outdoors throughout the day, and this keeps my skin hydrated and protected. For more ‘intense’ outdoor days I definitely use SPF 30 Sunscreen.

I think what stuck me most about the products I tested as that they don’t immediately sweat off!

even my little guy uses it without complaint!

I just want to put this little bit of information out into the world…..

…it shocked me. Growing up I had always heard from adults, go outside and get your vitamin d…I’ve even been that guy to my kids… Now I know better.

Tanri is one of those brans that has gone from running related to fully immersed into my daily routine. I think that’s one of the staples of a fantastic product, it transcends intended use and pervades every day life.

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