What’s your Hydration Mantra

Disclaimer: I received Mantra Hydration Drink Mix and Chrono Bundle  to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find, and write race reviews!”

I’ve dabbled in nutrition, on and off, for the last 7 years. Well…38, but a focused approach to my health and nutrition for 7. I’ve been around long enough to have seen trends and phases like low-fat, low-carb, high-protein, high-fat, time-restricted, many small meals, food pyramid, Atkins, Weight Watchers, Smoothies, Shakes, bars, powders, pills, Ketones…the list goes on.

For a while I was one of those guys who would help you reclaim your fitness through the use of a protein powder supplement.  I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world, but if I had to go back…I may have done more research or started sooner…

Anyway. My biggest takeaway from the food pyramid in the 80’s, the low-fat in the 90’s, the high protein in the 2000’s, and the current intermittent fasting trend is there is no ‘silver bullet’ in nutrition and that there is truth in all of those programs.

In my search (research) for hydration products to fuel my active and hectic lifestyle, I found Mantra. I wanted to look at their hydration product and found their chrono bundle.

Their hydration product is called HYDRATE, and while the name is super unoriginal, there is a #nononsense feel to it. The thing which makes them…original…is in other electrolyte drinks, you’re lucky if you get 2 or 3 electrolytes. HYDRATE gives you 1,200+ mg and 6 electrolytes + important marine minerals that are necessary for proper hydration with NO sugar!

💧 Sodium
💧 Potassium
💧 Magnesium
💧 Phosphorus
💧 Calcium
💧 Chloride

With the approach Mantra took to Hydrate I was thoroughly interested in trying their Chrono bundle.

According to Mantra, Chrono-nutrition is syncing when we eat, what we eat, and how much we eat to our body’s biological clock, also known as the “circadian rhythm.” Because I also look at sleep products I am familiar terms like circadian rhythm…its where your biological clock tells you when to sleep, wake up, or perform other activities. It is an essential part of maintaining your health. Following a nutrition plan which matches your biological clock (which may include periods of fasting, periods of high protein,  periods of chocolate 🍫) does impact your overall health, and disrupting it can lead to unwelcomed results.

Their approach to timing when you intake nutrition resonated with me.

As I said earlier, there is truth in all of those “diets” and following my biological clock made sense. So, now I am checking the mailbox anxiously, waiting for my shipment from Mantra.

Give Mantra a try with mantrah25 good for 25% off

Let’s see how it goes “)

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