Here goes nothing…

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I am getting a little tired of relying on my watch for data while I am riding. Don’t get me wrong; I love my fenix 6x pro solar. It is a super powerful watch and does everything I need it to do.

The watch alerts me of turns and connects to the bike radar and cadence sensor and monitors my heart rate. However; on the bike, the watch is not the easiest tool to use; especially if I am looking for cadence or power.

So, I bought a ‘Cycling Computer’.

Oh… the choices

Oh, the choices. There is no shortage of ‘devices’ for me to squander my children’s inheritance (because these aren’t cheap…) but the problem is, there isn’t a straight-forward comparison.

Each cycling computer does something a little different than the other and after extensive trying of the things… They all are about the same.


I purchased three to compare and here is my ultimate conclusion.

Stick with the ecosystem with which you are most comfortable. Ergo, I am using the Garmin going forward.

Here is my review though:

The ‘good’ about Stages:

Battery Life is really good

Visibility is really good

The ‘bad’ about Stages:

Too many ‘apps’ to connect just to use.

The ‘good’ about Garmin:

The ‘bad’ about Garmin:


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