This is going to be a slightly different blog post.

With this being a site page, and not a ‘blog’ post I am going to post linearly with the most current / recent post being at the bottom. I will also date the posts.
Thanks for following and lets see if this is my road to Boston!

Disclaimer: I received an Endure Strong training experience to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

When I was approached by bibrave, they wanted to know if I was open to changing up my training philosophy.If you have followed me for any length of time… my philosophy has been just keep running…

So, yeah; I thought I should try Jared’s training plans and advice

If you have followed me for any length of time… my philosophy has been just keep running…

So, yeah; I thought I should try Jared’s training plans and advice. I am obviously excited about the prospect of being coached by an Olympian who is also currently one of the best U.S. long distance runners; but also because his story is relatable. If Jared, having a full and busy life (family, career, etc) can run a 2:09 and finish 8th at the Boston Marathon…. he should surely be able to help me qualify!

Daily workout email

20190511 – update

It has been three weeks since I started “training”.
I think I was expecting something a bit different; but because I am one of those people who is hyper aware of themselves, I know that I’m what needs to change in order for anything to be different.
I need to make the time and I need to follow the plan.
I think what I was expecting, however; was a piano lesson style coaching…
I think I was expecting someone to tell me, you haven’t been following the plan…

Jared seems down to earth and really approachable and Andrew is also really great. They provide encouragement and information and even include our situations and ailments into the weekly virtual lessons.
That being said, I haven’t felt a real push to keep on track with my training…which is what I think I wanted from a coach.

20190708 Update

I am about to weeks out from the triathlon that I wanted this training to benefit and the marathon I am pacing the week after. While candidly, I haven’t been 100% focus on the training plan which is emailed to me I think that my initial suspicions are still accurate.

When I signed up for coaching; I falsely assumed that there is going to be a tutor (or proctor) type relationship and instead it’s more of am electronic training program that you could have downloaded from almost anywhere. I feel the benefit is the mostly biweekly video calls. I feel bad being so down on the program but at the same time I guess I thought it was gonna be a bit different.

Things I like:

– The team (Andrew and Jared) are approachable and willing to help if I reach out. If there are questions about injury or injury prevention Jared addresses them during the calls. I really took this training because of Jared. I identify with his story and he even brought his youngest on camera a few times.

Things I dislike:

– The training plan feels canned.


Goal race 2 was really good. I am happy to report that I ran strong the whole race. I know the splits look a little slow, but that was by design. I was pacing this race and wanted to test my legs for this distance. I know that my doubling up on races earlier in the year was primarily to benefit my triathlon last weekend; but the psoas issue I have been experiencing really put a damper on everything fitness related. The coaching through the program was a little strained but the advice was sound. The reminders to listen to my body and mirror the training as best I could, I feel, payed off.


If you are looking for a coach and a plan to follow; this is a good, supportive remote group. Andrew and Jared are approachable and informative; and if they don’t know something they will tell you.

I think there were a few live coaching sessions where I didn’t get what I wanted from the session; but on the same token, there were sessions which I felt were super informative.

If you have ever used an e-learning platform (like University of Phoenix) then you will feel comfortable in this realm.

The draw back is, the training is remote. If you are looking for something where somone analyzes your gait and helps you with your breathing;

Here is what other pro’s are saying:





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