CEP Compression Socks, They’re expensive for a reason…

Typically I am a frugal shopper. But I have to admit that CEP compression socks are worth every penny.


Mojo; may be a no go…

2018 Corned beef and cabbage 5K-sh


I had seen advertisements on Instagram and Facebook and the way the world works when you click on a website that product or that brand follows you to every other website you go to and I really wanted to try Mojo compression Footwear.
I ordered a pair just in time for my corned beef and cabbage 5K and was really excited to try them they’re pretty comfortable they felt a little sick but it’s okay because here in Pennsylvania it’s still chilly and they felt good recovery where then performance wear but they were comfortable and I didn’t feel that they were spectacular I didn’t feel the benefit during the run but it was only a 5K I did a 3 Mile warm up with them on there was a total of about 6 miles and I wore them for a couple of training runs after that and they were okay then as well I put them to the test at the Sleepy Hollow half marathon in the beginning of April and I was kind of sad the intensity or perhaps lack of wearing them right the right way made them droop and coming across the Finish Line the announcer pointed out the fact that one sock was up and one sock was down

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