My Favorite Shoes. I was on the fence about shoes with as much padding as these; but oh my gosh. These have been the best things my feet have felt in a long time.

21 May 2018

I have put somewhere around 30 miles on these bad boys.

I bought these because I was looking for something which wasn’t as cushioned as the ultra-boost. I loved the feel of ultra-boost and thought these would be a good middle ground between my Boston 6 which are probably as close to 0 drop as adidas gets and the ultra-boost which is probably as close to hoka as adidas gets.

At first I wasn’t super impressed with these. They lack the sock-like feel that are present in my ultra-boost and my alpha bounce. There is no tongue cushion and the insole is rubber.

After a 2, 8-ish mile runs and 3, 3-ish mile runs I have to say these shoes are growing on me.

They are missing that bounce I feel when I run in my ultra-boost (which now have about 150 miles in them) but they are still responsive.

I have raced in the trail version of this shoe and it was a bit heavy for the trail I was on (mostly macadam) so I’m nervous about racing in the road version.

I like it as a trainer though.

It’s a sexy looking shoe, and it its comfortable.

The overlapping fabric on the tongue doesn’t bother me like I thought it would; in fact it I don’t even feel it.

Lacing system is good.

More to come

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