Here is the nutrition page, but I wanted to start off with something I am trying.

I ordered a 3 pack of HVMN Ketone in preparation of the Olympic Triathlon I am competing in on 21 July 2019

HVMN Ketone


This is KETONE ESTER. Oxford, NIH, and DARPA scientists developed this world-record breaking superfuel to enhance physical and cognitive performance and recovery. No caffeine, no sugar, no salt, no fat — just 25 g of ketone ester.

Add the fourth macronutrient into your fueling and nutrition. Use before, during, and/or after activity.


Invented by Oxford and NIH scientists as part of DARPA “Metabolic Dominance” Program

Protected by a family of US Patents exclusive to HVMN

Effective and Safe — FDA GRAS; compliant with World Anti-Doping Agency; NSF Certified for Sport.

Elevates blood beta-hydroxybutyrate levels to 3-5 mM in 30 minutes without a salt, acid, or fat load

Taken along with carbohydrates:

  • Improves endurance performance1
  • Spares glycogen breakdown1
  • Spares muscle protein breakdown1

Decreases appetite and ghrelin2

Improve cognitive function3

Activate longevity signalling pathways4


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