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Chances are, if you’re reading this, you are a runner. It is even more likely that you have shopped for food at least once in your life (whether you’re a runner or not.) Raley’s supermarkets meet where those two roads cross.

Really though; Raley’s picks up where other grocery stores fall short. I do all the grocery shopping in my household and I am also a runner. Now; you don’t have to be a runner to shop at Raley’s, but they peaked my interest because of their sponsorship of the Napa Valley Marathon!

Any way; Raley’s has all the convenience of your local ShopRite or Kroger; but the feel of a Wegmans or a Whole Foods…its a Raley’s! They have a focus on health and wellness with their shelf guide

It makes shopping for foods which meat (ha ha ha…meet) different dietary concerns easy. Raley’s offer a $5 sales every monday on various kitchen staples and offers more in the way of engaging with the community than any of the grocery stores I currently frequent!

Also; Raley’s cares deeply about supporting their communities! Whether it is sponsoring the marathon, volunteering in the community, helping local families facing hunger, or packing Senior Essentials Bags available for purchase at a discounted price…Raley’s does it all.

Supporting the most vulnerable populations, especially those who are at-risk and over the age of 65.

When I started looking into the brand; I didn’t think a grocery store could wow me. I honestly didn’t think I could forge a connection with a store. I was wrong. Raley’s has something to offer for everyone. Candidly I thought that when I started looking into rallies I would find that it was a grocery store that sponsored a marathon because it happened in their backyard. I didn’t think or imagine that I would find something truly wholesome and something that I would be proud to talk to my audience about

But; don’t take just my word for it; I suggest you take a look at some of my Bib Rave Pro friends who have also contributed blogs discussing the benefits of Raley’s Supermarkets and how they work hard to make your race day experience a great one.




Hope you enjoy their viewpoints and notes!

And, as always, happy running!

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